Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's things like this...

that reaffirm my doubts about capital punishment. Had this man been sentenced to death...


  1. I admit these kinds of stories give me pause, but in the end if he had been put to death he'd be with God as a man of faith. It is not the death penalty that I have an issue with, it is the process of determining guilt or innocence that is (rarely) flawed. In the fallen order injustice and error that affect the few for the sake of the greater good of all is a tragic reality no matter how the human being tries to prevent it... from putting 15 warning labels on common objects to the modern court system. For every story of someone unjustly executed there are others of people killed by un-executed or un-incarcerated whackos who got out on technicalities or by misguided compassion (like the 4 cops in Washington recently). Hard stuff. Lord have mercy on both the prisoner and the jailer.

  2. I just can't let myself trust the princes and sons of men with life and death decisions, they seldom do very well.