Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The sleet...

is already starting to fall, lightly now but with great fury in a few hours. They say up to 20 inches of snow will fall with rain and frozen ice mixed in. The world will go still for Christmas whether it wants to or not. 

Nativity services at St. Elias have been cancelled, a victim of what will come. I had been hoping everything would move south or north but the center of the storm is bearing down on us and even leaving the house looks like it will be a chore. I am at once comfortable with the idea that the people of St. Elias will at least be safe in their homes and disappointed that this evening will pass us by. I mark my years by Christmases and absent a Liturgy the evening seems, well, absent. 

Yet all is in God's hands. There is much I don't understand but this I do. 

If I don't get back to writing for a few days know that I will be out with the snowblower, cutting a hole in the snow even as it continues to fall and filling the air with its distinct and comforting note. Be blessed this Christmas and may it's Gift be in your heart always.

Christ is born! Glorify Him!


  1. Where will you be celebrating the feast, then? I am in MSP for the holidays visiting my family. I usually visit St. Mary's OCA, St. Elizabeth's or Holy Trinity when I am here.

  2. Presuming the weather is okay I plan to be at St. George in West St. Paul. My disappointment in all of this is that in LaCrosse there are no such choices, we're the only parish for about an hour in either direction and I can't be there.